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Hi Sugar

Sparkle and Fluff is a subsidiary of Sparkle and Co. an event planning business based in Atlanta, Georgia. We create beautifully curated cotton candy. A confection of enchanting sugar clouds. Made from organic, gluten free, all natural sugars. Your guests will be delighted with our freshly spun cones. At Sparkle & Fluff we reinvent the idea of a sweet experience. Celebrating cotton candy nostalgia with a modern spin.

We welcome you to be inspired by our signature flavors and delicate color palettes. As well as a variety of stylish toppings. We offer edible glitter, sprinkles, pop rocks and much more!

All of our carts are aesthetically pleasing and fully customizable. Ask about our florals, balloons, logo signs, etc. Sparkle & Fluff is what daydreams are made of + exceptional service.

We are ready to spin at your next event and look forward to making your event sparkle!

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